Daytrip Pécs

Pécs is located on the outskirts of the Western Mecsek Mountains and is thus hilly. In the centre of the city you find the descending Széchenyi square around the former mosque, the largest Turkish building in Hungary. From Szigetvár the journey to Pécs, European Capital of Culture in 2010, takes about half an hour.

The Pécs Cathedral is located in the northwest of the city-centre. The oldest elements of the cathedral date from the 11th century. Most striking are the four equally high towers. The church was rebuilt many times.

At the Cathedral Square there also is the bishop's palace and under the square is a 4th century burial chamber of the crypt, which is known for its Renaissance altar of red marble. At that time to prevent the Turks from robbing the altar, it was transferred to the episcopal palace and bricked. After the Turkish time, there was no one who knew about it, and the altar was accidentally discovered and restored during renovations.

Pécs has many museums, including a museum dedicated to the Zsolnay factory, with modern art, the Turkish period and the history of the town and of Hungary. The Zsolnay factory is so important, because the founder Vilmos Zsolnay invented hardy porcelain. As in many Hungarian towns and cities in Pécs they have a huge Sunday market (until 13:00 in the Megyeri ut 78) where you can find cases of various kinds, as in so many markets in Hungary. It's just all a bit bigger.

In addition to the Zsolnay factory, where Hungarian porcelain is made, there is also the Zsolnay quarter. This district is perhaps the number one attraction of Pécs. It is a large area with shops, a grand café, a restaurant and a playground for children. Cultural activities are organized such as monthly art- and music festivals. The district lies on the northern edge of the city-centre at the Zsolnay Vilmos ut 37, an extension of the old road 6. It is fifteen minutes walk from the centre.

Also an attraction is the television tower of Pécs. From this tower (194 m high) you have a beautiful view over the city and you can see that Pécs is located at the foot of the hills of the Mecsek.

Altogether Pécs offers culture, good food and nice shopping streets, so something for everyone.