Daytrip Balaton and Tihany

Hungary is, of course, well known because of Lake Balaton. A lake of 592 km2. Some facts: at its deepest point the lake is 12 meters deep, but the average depth is 3 meters. For that reason a lot of water evaporates during the summer. The circumference amounts to 236 km. Strictly speaking the name Balaton lake is incorrect and dubbel: the last syllable of the name, to(n) means lake. The Hungarian people talk about the Balaton or lovingly A Balcsi.

A number of years ago they started with constructing cyclepaths, so people can enjoy a tour alongside the water even more. Approximately in the middle of the lake the peninsula Tihany is located. The peninsula was already inhabited in prehistoric times. The convenient location has always attracted people. They found burial mounds and also the Romans built their homes on the mountainsides. Today the island is mainly recreational and vacation area.

In Tihany you find, besides the beautiful church where King Andreas 1 is buried, a number of museums. There are many shops where pepper, processed in many ways, is sold. But also for various pottery, modern and typical Hungarian, you can go to Tihany. When you want to make a nice day trip, then combine a visit to one of the beach resorts, for example, Balatonlelle, and go by boat from Szántód to Tihany. You can go by foot or with your car on the boat.

From Tihany you can choose to ride back either over Keszthely (see our daytrip Keszthely Csillagvár) or Siófok.