Daytrip Balaton via Kaposvár

If you would like a quite different trip to the Balaton, you can depart from Kaposvár. In Juta go towards Somogyjád and through Ostopan to Somogyvámos (Hare Krishna) and Somogyvár (Roman ruin). Visit the market in Fonyód (on Wednesdays) and stop in Rádpuszta for a nice meal and to watch the horseshow.


Hare Krishna. When you like tranquillity and if you are open to it, visiting the Hare Krishna can be very relaxing. Visitors can get a tour and there is a restaurant with ayurveda food and drinks. There is a shop as well. They work with an old breed of Hungarian cows. They have a school for their children and they live off the land and from what the tourists spend. Some of their living quarters have solar techniques built in. The Krishna live a pure life, they get up at 4:30 am, then they meditate and work, and after that they have their first meal. Smoking and drinking is forbidden on their land.


Excavations Benedictine abbey. The abbey of Somogyvár was built between 1091 and 1095 and the first Benedictine monks were invited from the Abbey of Saint-Gilles. Later they were joined by monks from France and other abbeys in Hungary. As often happened with Benedictine abbeys that were built on important locations, when local kings and princes came to power, they changed the abbey into a military fort. The archaeological excavations started in 1972 in order to find the original remains of the abbey. The ruins were opened to the public in 1991.


Horseshows are given regularly, but on different days during the season. When it is too hot, the times are adjusted to the horses. Our reception can find out the right days for the horseshow. In the restaurant Élménybirtok you can enjoy a nice meal while listening to live gipsy music. Especially couples are treated to a serenade by the violinists.